Thousands Enjoying Risk-free* Relief!

Cradling Sleeper reduces shoulder pressure, reflux/GERD, & 

aligns the spine.

Better sleep, GUARANTEED!

Makes a great Gift.

"The Cradling Sleeper has changed my life in just a few short nights." -Christine, 6/22/19

The feel of a $5,000 bed for less than 1% of the cost.

Our key is elevating the torso (comfortably). Side sleeping pillows help your neck, but the weight of the torso still rests mostly on the shoulder. By supporting the torso, you'll reduce pressure on the shoulder socket and better align the spine, leaving you better rested. We've also received feedback that it reduces reflux/ GERD, and works well for shoulder surgery patients or out camping on a hard surface/bed. Initial testing has shown up to 20% better sleep!

What Our Customers Are Saying.

"It allows me to stay comfortable during the night!" - Keisha in Norfolk, VA

"I could tell that it really reduced the pressure on my shoulder and I tossed and turned much less." - Jason in Chesapeake, VA

  "Loving mine!!" - Lisa in Stowe, VT 

"I had the product sent to my sister who has always had terrible trouble sleeping well. She reports that it has actually helped her sleep better! Much appreciated :)" - Lisa about sister in Laurel, MD 

* Not tested or intended for use with infants. Risk-free guarantee (US only) applies to the original cost. Customer needs to ship the product back to us within 30 days of purchase to apply the refund.  Results vary (sadly).


A heartfelt review... worth a listen

Richard bought a CS from us. It was a disappointment, but we worked to help the product work better for him. Making money is great, but bringing BETTER SLEEP to my fellow human beings is what drives me (and ironically keeps me up at night)! (released by Richard)