About the Cradling Sleeper


What is it?

The cradling sleeper is a patent pending molded foam side sleeping pillow that cradles your torso in a relaxed and comfortable position allowing you to get a great nights sleep. 


How does it Work?

Simply lay on it! The Cradling Sleeper works better than other pillows because it raises and supports the torso, reducing pressure on the shoulder (especially important after shoulder surgery), reducing reflux/GERD, and providing better spinal alignment.  It is compact enough to travel with, yet supports the body well. Perfect for camping, just put it in your sleeping bag with you and be cradled off to sleep.


Why Try the Cradling Sleeper?

Thirty five percent of Americans report poor sleep quality. The Cradling Sleeper showed as much as 20% improvement* in sleep quality in testing. That's like getting an extra hour of sleep! It's not rocket science, better spinal alignment and less pressure on the shoulder leads to better sleep. Better Sleep at a very reasonable price, and it's guaranteed!