Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Cradling Sleeper created?

Retired Navy Submariner Steve Whear created the product because he was always struggling to get comfortable while sleeping in some very un-comfortable environments.  As a side sleeper he had trouble reaching a deep sleep, and he would wake with shoulder and mid-back pain. In early 2016, he carved up a piece of seat-cushion foam to help, and the Cradling Sleeper was born.   

How is the Cradling Sleeper different from other side sleeping pillows?

The Cradling Sleeper works better than other pillows because it raises and supports the torso, reducing pressure on the shoulder and providing better spinal alignment. It is compact enough to travel with, but you'll find that it really supports the body well.  It is about a foot and a half long and a foot wide, and is made out of molded polyurethane foam.  Most side sleeping pillows are just that....really big pillows that provide no support for the torso or relief for the shoulder. They don't retain their shape, and shift and deflate.  The Cradling Sleeper cradles the body on high grade memory foam, and it's made here in the USA!   

Who benefits from this product?

All side sleepers, and also people who seek a comfortable augmentation to their current mattress.  Before you spend hundreds or thousands on a new mattress, try a Cradling Sleeper and save your money!  Testing showed that 70 percent of respondents said they had as much as a 20% increase in sleep quality. That's like getting an extra hour of sleep! Like all products, results will vary. 

How do I know the product is safe?

Each Cradling Sleeper is manufactured in a foam factory in the USA.  Our product is always inspected before Shipping.  It is not recommended for use with infants.   

Who is it not for?

It has not been tested, and thus is not recommended for infants. But if you are looking for a low cost solution to better sleep, try the side Cradling Sleeper before spending a lot on a new mattress.   

Good News.

It works.

Most of our testing audience kept the Cradling Sleeper because they felt like the product worked for them, and also took up very little space in their bedroom.  They enjoyed using the product and reported better sleep after using it (including objective Fitbit sleep data). Most said they will never sleep without it again!  

Better Sleep Suggestions


Neck pain is usually attributed to a pillow that doesn't support your neck correctly. A good pillow that supports the neck as well as the head can make a big difference. Using a pillow between your legs (side sleeper) or under your knees (back sleepers) can help properly support your legs.


Getting to sleep can be difficult, especially if you have a lot on your mind. Try sticking to a routine sleep schedule and include a relaxing activity (reading, puzzles) to bring your mind to a rested state. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that the blue lightwaves from electronic devices interferes with our body's sleep-inducing chemicals.

Healthy Living

Improving your circulatory system is a key contributor to achieving better sleep. How? Cells that can get oxygen and nutrients and release waste products in a more efficient manner are able to rest at a lower level of irritation. Eating healthy foods leads to fewer irritants in the digestive system.

Warnings and Care Instructions

  • Infants: Cradling Sleeper products have not been tested with infants. It is unknown what effect the product will have on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 
  • Fire Warning: Cradling Sleeper products are made of polyurethane foam, which is combustible. Keep products away from heat sources, including flames, smoking products, vaping products, and electronics that get hot.
  • Care Instructions: Keep out of the sun (causes fading).  Dry clean only. If washed/wetted, leave under a fan until dry. Do not place in clothes driers, which cause the foam to break apart.