My Mission

Propelling Positivity in the World


In a world that seems to be dividing apart in virtually every facet, maybe we all just need a little more sleep. The Side Cradling Sleeper (and Back Cradling Sleeper soon) IS the "missing link" that brings it to the world. 

Spice of Life Ventures LLC was formed to address a variety (get it?) of problems that exist in our world. I'm hopeful to move into the solar energy sector and dabble in some construction activities.

Along the way, I'm hopeful that our mark on the world goes beyond sleep and solar, but overwhelmingly towards social change for the better. Along with being a colorblind and sexual-neutral company, I've vowed to never pay myself more than 10 times that of my least-paid employee, including any overseas employees that we pick up along the way. Imagine a world where this were the norm. No more slave wages in Asia and Mexico, and people would actually make enough money to buy some Cradling Sleepers for their families! (some) Kidding aside, removing economic disparity would immediately fix 80% of world migration problems, as most people don't want to leave their homes. Come on other owners & CEOs, get onboard!