Cradling Sleeper Try-outs!

Zup guy with shoulder problems tries and loves the Cradling Sleeper

Women love the Cradling Sleeper too! Check out more below!

Women, men, white, black, brown, old, young... doesn't matter, everyone loves being Cradled!

College guys try and love the Cradling Sleeper, Like adding another hour of sleep!

This healthcare provider loves it and wants her patients to try being Cradled!

Another happy trial! (Oh, by the way, there were NO unhappy trials, but (in honesty) one was indifferent)

Another happy sleeper!

This young gal LOVES being Cradled!

Tall & short...Cradling works for all! If it doesn't quite fit, cut it up! (Carefully!!!) An electric  turkey carving knife works like a champ!

Loves being Cradled in lots of clothes (if that's your thing)!